Our Dispatching Soft Switch Perfectly Qualified in Special Test by State Grid

       In order to boost the evolution and demonstration of our power dispatching network technology, State Grid Nanjing Electric Power Research Institute organized the special testing for dispatching business of crossing soft switch joined by domestic mainstream dispatching soft switch manufacturers to verify the interaction and compatibility between different types of dispatching soft switch. Our NC5200 dispatching soft switch has performed excellently and passed all testing items, ranking No. 1 with GHT and Yuanha in parallel.

       Testing of our NC5200 dispatching soft switch includes 57 items, including system function inspection, interface (Ig-A) protocol between dispatching soft switch systems, system interface (lg) protocol between dispatching soft switch system and other soft switch systems, system performance, business quality index, reliability, dispatching group cross-switching, interaction between dispatching soft switch systems, interaction between mixing system dispatching systems and multisystem routing continuing capability. We have been qualified in all items. NC5200 dispatching soft switch has passed the interconnection test by all manufacturers joining the test like GHT, Yuanha and Tadiran and embodied excellent compatibility.

       Our participation in the special testing of dispatching soft switch manufacturers organized by the State Grid shows not only the high compatibility, stability and reliability, powerful functions, strong flexibility and excellent interaction ability but also the vigorous support and high concern by us to the development of electric power industry.