Cooperate with Suzhou Electric Power Conference and Support Standardized Construction of Electric Power

       From May 31 to June 2, 2017, the Communications Technology Working Group SAC/TC 82 WG7 Conference of "National Electric Power System Management and Information Exchange Standardization Committee" assisted by Genew Technologies Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Suzhou Xiangxuehai Restaurant. Zhang Guanyuan, Secretary-General of Standardization Committee, Chang Ning, Working Group Leader, Guo Jinghong and Gao Yun, Deputy Group Leaders, Tang Xiaojun, Secretary of Working Group and 50 members of the Working Group and expert representatives of the Standard Preparation Team joined this conference.

       In the conference, DL/T 5344-2006 Acceptance Specification for Optical Fiber Telecommunication Engineering of Electric Power, Technical Specification of Power Wireless Broadband Access Network Equipment, Specification for Power Environment Monitoring System and Interface Technology of Power Communication Machine Room, Technical Specification for Electric Power Information Transmission System on Plastic Optical Fiber (Part 1:Technical Requirements), Testing Specification for Ethernet LAN Switch in Smart Substation and 2017 Working Plan for Management Layer in Working Group were mainly reviewed.

       As the world leading integrated communication equipment supplier, Genew Technologies has intensively contributed itself to the electric power industry for over 10 years and striven to create the complete power communication solutions. It owns the executive switch, dispatching soft switch, IMS core network, photoelectric integrated equipment, industrial Ethernet switch and other core products, which have been used commercially in large scale in multiple provincial companies of State Grid and China Southern Power Grid with wholly self-independent intellectual property rights and highly praised by customers.

       Genew Technologies cooperated with the Working Group of Power Standardization Committee again showing the mutual deep friendship and Standardization Committee's trust and recognition on Genew Technologies, providing an opportunity for Genew Technologies to jointly discuss relevant standards of power industry with experts and scholars in the power industry, and enhancing the brand reputation and right of speech of Genew Technologies in the power industry as well.