Market Expansion

       Genew has a sophisticated global marketing system, with sales and post-sales technological support centers in several key areas across the world.

       On the domestic side, Genew has become a leading player in converged communications and emergency communications. Its products such as the corporate soft-switching systems as represented by NC5200 series, the emergency dispatch systems as represented by EDS9000 series and the wireless broadband communication systems as represented by GN-TLB series, have been widely used in electric power, mining, public security, transportation, safety supervision, petroleum and petrochemicals and other fields.

       On the international front, the IMS systems with the mSwitch series at the core and the access network systems as represented by the B1205 series and the optical network systems centered on the NetCircle series, all above were devoted to service for world leading operators including Japan Softbank Telecommunications SBB, Philippine Long Distance telecommunication( PLDT), Indian operator, and Jersey Telcom from UK etc.Genew currently owns more than 10 million lines and has maintained rapid growth.